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Nonprofit Upcycling: How to do more with less

Reduce, reuse, recycle... and now upcycle. How can nonprofits apply these environment lessons to be more efficient and effective? In this episode, Nancy and Sarah share tips on how to use the principles of reuse, recycle, and upcycle in nonprofit communications and financial management. They challenge themselves to imagine how to use the same content… Continue reading Nonprofit Upcycling: How to do more with less

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Episode 55: Facilitation with Mike Beebe: How to ensure all voices are heard

A few episodes ago, Sarah shared a vision of nonprofit leaders helping each other by facilitating each other's retreats. That invites the question of how to facilitate well. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah invite facilitation expert Mike Beebe to share his wisdom on how to facilitate a meeting or event effectively. Mike talks about what facilitation is, how to do it well, and strategies to engage everyone in the conversation. Mike addresses what is hard about facilitation and some options to get professional development in facilitation. 

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Episode 48: Become a trustful nonprofit

There have been a few reports out over the past year that warn us that trust in institutions has decreased, including in nonprofits. One body of research that we will link in the show notes says that only 19% of people highly trust nonprofits. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk about what causes people to trust a nonprofit, how you know if people trust your nonprofit, and what you can do to increase trust.  Trust us, you'll want to take a listen.