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Episode 59: End-of-year fundraising: Four strategies to meet your goals

It is mid-November, and you have six weeks to meet your organization's fundraising goal for 2022. What are your options? In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk through four end-of-year fundraising strategies for folks who may be falling short on their fundraising goal. As the 2022 clock counts down, there's still time to be strategic and find ways to invite your donors or potential donors to be a part of the important work you do. 

People · Reflection

Episode 58: I am busy.

We are hearing it all the time. We ask someone "How are you?," and their response is "Busy!"  We get asked, and our natural response is the same: "I'm so busy." In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk about why "busy" can work against what we are really trying to achieve.  They explore the emotions behind it and alternatives to describe how we are actually doing. Ultimately we are busy doing important things, and we want to invite conversation about that. 

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Episode 10: Good Programs as a Core Strategy

In this episode, we define what we mean by a "good program." We talk about how you know a program is good, and how you can leverage them as a core strategy to strengthen your board, collaborations, and fundraising. The episode is only 11 minutes long. Why not play it for your board and have… Continue reading Episode 10: Good Programs as a Core Strategy