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Episode 56: What to do about inflation

Nonprofits are facing all of the same inflationary pressures as others across our communities. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk about how a nonprofit can respond to inflation, particularly related to finance and fundraising. They share some ideas for thinking about salary adjustments, communicating with donors and supporters, and engaging board members in scenario planning. They highlight the importance of true cost accounting and advocacy as ways to expand the amount of money you have to work with. You got this. 

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Episode 9: Money–Time for a Six Month Financial Forecast

Money. It is a topic that many of us are thinking a lot about right now. Will we have enough money to get through this crisis? How do we make decisions about money when there is so much uncertainty around us? In this episode, we make the case for why you need a financial forecast… Continue reading Episode 9: Money–Time for a Six Month Financial Forecast

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Episode 2: Building Financial Strength

Today we're talking about the frequently unpopular topic of finance. Nancy, Sarah, and JoAnn explore how we can position our organizations today to be financially stronger tomorrow. Questions to reflect on before you listen: Think about how your board talks about the financial situation of your organization. Is it a comfortable topic? Does everyone engage… Continue reading Episode 2: Building Financial Strength