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Episode 56: What to do about inflation

Nonprofits are facing all of the same inflationary pressures as others across our communities. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk about how a nonprofit can respond to inflation, particularly related to finance and fundraising. They share some ideas for thinking about salary adjustments, communicating with donors and supporters, and engaging board members in scenario planning. They highlight the importance of true cost accounting and advocacy as ways to expand the amount of money you have to work with. You got this. 

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Episode 48: Become a trustful nonprofit

There have been a few reports out over the past year that warn us that trust in institutions has decreased, including in nonprofits. One body of research that we will link in the show notes says that only 19% of people highly trust nonprofits. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk about what causes people to trust a nonprofit, how you know if people trust your nonprofit, and what you can do to increase trust.  Trust us, you'll want to take a listen.

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Episode 47: Understand your donors’ why

Your donors give for a reason. Do you know what it is? In this episode, Sarah and Nancy explore four common reasons why donors give. They give advice on which of these groups of donors you should spend more of your time with and why. If you don't know why your donors give, listen for some ways that will help you find out. Your mission matters, and money is the fuel for you to deliver that mission. Take 20 minutes to reflect on your fundraising practice so you build your movement for the next year. 

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Episode 21: The Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE

Nancy and Sarah-- with special guest Rebecca Zanatta-- invite a live audience to ask their questions about what is most on their minds. The three categories of conversation they cover include fundraising, people, and resiliency.  Questions to reflect on before you listen:What is most on your mind now?  Discussion questions: What resonated with you about… Continue reading Episode 21: The Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE


Episode 20: The 4 Fundraising Metrics Every Small Nonprofit Needs to Know

In this episode, Nancy and Sarah recognize that fundraising can be overwhelming. Many nonprofit leaders set out with the simple goal of raising more money, which makes it hard to prioritize what to do. In this episode, we provide some focus around four metrics that matter the most. These are numbers that are accessible with… Continue reading Episode 20: The 4 Fundraising Metrics Every Small Nonprofit Needs to Know