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Episode 27: Communication That Invites People In

Effective communication is key to community building. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah talk generally about ways to think about communication as a way to bring people in to your community. They also break down some practical steps on how to manage your database and cull names out when people aren’t engaged. Sarah makes the case for going beyond the binary of inviting people to give (or not), challenging you to think about ways that you can invite further conversation. What do you think? Will that idea work for you? Take a listen.

Questions to reflect on before you listen:
How do you communicate now with your people? On the spectrum where one-directional blasts are on one side and information-rich discussions on the other, where does your communication fall?

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this conversation? What would you like to take back to your organization?
  2. How do your values show up in your communications?
  3. How could you invite more conversation through your communications, as Sarah described with her fundraising solicitations?

Words of the Week:  Hear
What does “hear” mean to you?

What do you think?