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Time management for nonprofit leaders

With a pomodoro ticking in the background (just kidding), Nancy and Sarah squeeze out a few minutes to talk about time management. In this episode, you will learn a few strategies on how to manage your time when you just have too much going on. Nancy and Sarah share six strategies to try as you get on top of your to-do list. By the end of the episode, you will be thinking about your relationship to time. 

Question to reflect on before you listen:
What strategies do you use to manage your time?

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this conversation? What would you like to take back to your organization?
  2. What work products or experiences do you feel have to be perfect? Which ones could benefit from a “good enough” approach?
  3. How do you build breaks into your work life?

Word of the week: Time

What is your relationship to the concept of time? Is it something that conjures stress, or do you find comfort in it? How might you have a relationship with the concept of time that makes your work easier?

What do you think?