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Episode 64: Demystifying the donor meeting

Donor meetings can be mysterious and stressful to some. Making an ask for money isn’t something we all intuitively know how to do. In this episode, Nancy and Sarah demystify the donor meeting to explain what happens at a typical donor meeting and how you can best prepare. They provide tips on how to think about donor meetings as opportunities to build a relationship with an important member of your community. You’ll finish your listening with concrete ideas on how you can strengthen your donor meetings. 

Question to reflect on before you listen:
How do you approach asking for money for your mission? 

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this conversation? What would you like to take back to your organization?
  2. How can you use donor meetings to learn more about this important member of your community? 
  3. How does this conversation connect with your how you think about and articulate your fundraising strategy? 

Word of the week: Dialogue

How does a donor meeting start a dialogue that continues long after any donation is given? How does a donor meeting reflect a dialogue with your team and the donor before a donor meeting happens? 

What do you think?