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Episode 16: 2021 Nonprofit New Year’s Resolutions

In this episode, Nancy and Sarah reflect on what they learned in 2020 and make a few resolutions for the next year. They share some updates for the Nonprofit Radio Show, including a guest — Skye Mercer– joining us in January to talk about HR and a live show taking place February 19, 2021.

Questions to reflect on before you listen:

What did you learn in 2020 that you want to remember in 2021?

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this conversation? What would you like to take back to your organization?
  2. What are your New Year’s Resolutions for your organization?
  3. Nancy talked about reflection and accountability as a way to make sure you do what you set out to do. When will you reflect? Who will be on your accountability team?

Words of the Week:  Aim
What does this word mean to you and your organization as you enter a new year?

What do you think?