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Episode 12: Technology Sound Bytes: Cloud Storage

In this episode we talk about cloud storage and why it is so important for your organization. Think about it. A disaster destroys your documents and you lose everything. How long would it take you to recreate everything you need to keep your organization running? Consider your financial documents, your board history, your organizational paperwork, etc. It would take a long time–and it may be that you can’t replace certain documents. Can you recover?

Cloud storage is a simple way to make your key documents accessible to the right people within your organization. JoAnn tells us more about what it is and what we need to be thinking about when we set it up. Take it from Sarah, who has been through evacuations with her nonprofit. You’ll want to pay attention.

Questions to reflect on before you listen:

Think about your documents. Where are they? Who has access? What would happen if a disaster struck and key documents went away? Would your organization be able to recover?

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this topic?
  2. Where are your documents now? Think in terms of hard and soft copies.
  3. Who has access to your documents now? How could you fine tune access to better protect your documents?
  4. What one thing can you do in the next week to take action on this topic?

What do you think?