Episode 3: Engaging Your Board When You Can’t Meet

It is hard to get your board fully engaged in the best of times. How are you supposed to do it when you can’t meet? Sarah, Nancy, and JoAnn answer that, sharing some tips on ways to bring your board together when they can’t meet in person. If you follow some of these suggestions, you may come out of quarantine with a stronger board! Wouldn’t that be cool! 

Questions to reflect on before you listen:

How was your board before COVID started? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank your board in these areas:

  • Did you have broad participation of board members in discussions? Did everyone participate in conversations?
  • How substantial were the conversations? Were you talking about what really matters?
  • How much trust did people have with each other. Did board members know each other well enough to have trust? 

Discussion questions:

  1. What resonated with you about this conversation? What would you like to take back to your board?
  2. How could you make sure that your board agendas are focused on topics of consequence as opposed to administrative topics that could be settled on email? 
  3. How could you foster more varied conversations? This would include one on one discussions, small group conversations, or staff-board conversations.
  4. What goals for your board do you have now that you have been separated? What steps could you take towards those goals? 

Word of the Week:  Connection
What does “connection” mean to you and your organization right now?

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