Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE

We know running a small nonprofit can be hard. You start or join an organization to make a difference, and all of a sudden you have to raise money, write a budget, find volunteers and so much more. You know there is a world of information out there, but you don’t know how to cut through the noise to find just what you need.

The Nonprofit Radio Show began in 2020 to offer bite-size, practical information to help your nonprofit thrive. Co-hosted by small nonprofit veterans Nancy Bacon and Sarah Brooks, we talk about what is most on the minds of nonprofit people, particularly working within small, rural nonprofits. If you are in the dark about how to run a nonprofit, we offer sunshine to brighten the way.

Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE on February 19th will make space for your questions, our answers, and an inspiring community of friends and colleagues doing our communities’ most important work. We offer advice and conversation about what is most on your mind. If you have a question in advance, you can tell us through the registration process. You can ask questions and share experiences during the show as well. The Show will be recorded for future podcast broadcasting.

Our special guest during this Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE episode will be fundraising expert and nonprofit educator Rebecca Zanatta. We know 2020 has challenged even the best fundraising plans. Rebecca and Sarah will provide their insights into how you might plan for 2021.

We hope the Nonprofit Radio Show LIVE is a learning opportunity you share with your nonprofit community. It is free, though registration is required.